Nanotek brings you very accurate , user friendly and high speed packing machine for the Industry. PESOMATE uses the state of art technology in every component of the packing machine. PESOMATE used the importated Load cell which need less numDber of calibration in its life span. Accepted level of weighing can be calibrated by user itself . By understanding the requirement of users, we have introduced many interesting feature in PESOMATE

Advantages of Pesomate

  • Easy to operate , Ergonomically Designed.
  • Independent of operator skill.
  • Saves Man power.
  • Accuracy of weighing with in spec for long operating periods
  • Uniform packed weight for 100s of bags.


  • CWC – Cross Weight Checker can detect weight above tolerance range and annunciates to correct (Optional)
  • Empty Bag Empty Bag weighing and display system - Actual measurement of Empty packs eliminates manual errors.
  • All contact parts are made with SS (Stainless Steel) food grade on bag filling machine SS is corrosion resistant and having long lifespan.
  • Automatic Grip provided to open mouth of bag.
  • Automatic Fill or Manual Foot Switch.
  • Matching high precision sensor with high Intelligent Meter.
  • The function of statistics of Number and Quantity of packing will be available on cloud. Business owner can download the data from cloud and use it for analysis (Optional).
  • Choice of selecting particular Program for particular pack.
  • Process resume after power cut .
  • In built Memory stores processed data over period of 30 days.
  • Business owner can see the number of Bags packed.
  • Uses pneumatic actuator which is reliable, non-polluting and easy to be maintained.

Technical Specification