On Line Parboiling Machine (OLPM) is very innovative product which was designed to bring out all the difficulties in manual parboiling on batch basis. The main purpose of the product is to avoid the variation in Parboiling due to manual operations. OLPM ensures parboiling processed with right Temperature and right Boiling Time suitable for particular variety of paddy. Since it is a continuous parboiling machine Heat Energy wasted after a part parboiling is saved and used for next incoming paddy. This saves the steam more than 20%. Savings depends on size of Paddy grain processed . Operator does not require any skill to operate and to take consistent output quality over many processing. OLPM is the only parboiling way to get uniformly / Homogeneously cooked paddy.

Advantages of OLPM

  • Independent of operator skill.
  • Saves Steam more than 20%.
  • Uniform colour of Rice even if with variable steam pressure (4-10 bar).
  • Consistent colour of Rice over many batches.
  • Uniform cooking even in different seasons.
  • Reduces broken rice


  • 100% Automatic.
  • User can set Cooking Time or Production Capacity to get optimal result.
  • Choice of selecting particular program
  • Temperature and Time controlled integrally with PSoc (Programmable System on a Chip)
  • Process resume after power cut .
  • Self learning process algorithm with PID .
  • Reduces broken rice


Technical Specification