Rabbit 2020

Rabbit 2020 is a very advanced high tech Moisture tester specifically designed to measure moisture content of grains like RICE and WHEAT. It internally measures Bulk density, Temperature and Conductivity of grains to calculate the moisture (%H2O) content accurately. It is a very accurate moisture tester available in the industry with lowest repeat error.

The Main Technical Indicators

  • Measurement object : Food and other non-metallic granular samples, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, rice, rapeseed etc.;
  • Measurement error : £ 0.5% (main moisture range)
  • Repeat error : £ 0.2%
  • Measurement range : 3-35%
  • Measurement time : £10S
  • Ambient temperature : 0-40 'C
  • Power : Four AA alkaline batteries or external 6V DC power supply
  • Display : Backlight LCD highlighted
  • Subsidiary Functions : Volume translated display, sample weight display, temperature display, mean moisture value calculation.
  • Complete accessories : External AC power adapter, cleaning brush, manual, certificate and warranty card, filling tube, funnel, calibration
    weights, four AA alkaline batteries.

Category Code Table for Preset Instrument Calibration Parameters